For Coaches, Consultants, and Service Providers:
Want "Insider Access" To the Unique Coaching Model We Used to Enroll 72 High-Ticket Clients Last Month?
  • ​We spent $160,693.23 on advertising
  •  We signed 51 new high-ticket clients in the same time period
  •  Sent 1,568,473 emails to our lists
  •  Hired 7 new employees
  •  Started construction on our new 5300 sq ft corporate HQ in Nashville
  •  Most importantly, our clients generated $766,559 in REPORTED AND VERIFIED new revenue - the *actual* number is likely much higher
Ordinary consultants, coaches, moms and dads, agency owners, - EXPERTS - are taking these "plug-and-play" strategies, tactics, and principles to finally generate the revenue they've wanted for years.
"I was ready to strangle him..."

Dear reader,

Almost two years ago my business partner, Taylor, went behind my back.

He made the decision (without asking me) to start giving away closely-held information about our business.

This insider information is our “playbook of secrets”, if you will. It’s how we’ve been able to grow a $7,000,000/year consulting business.  

It’s the type of information previously reserved only for our private 10k and/or equity ownership clients (and close business friends).

When he told me, I thought: “Ok, I guess since he’s got to be charging a few hundred dollars a month it might not be TOO bad.”

But when he told me the price I nearly went through the roof.

“Seven dollars a month!?” I exclaimed! “Are you crazy?”

“Hear me out,” he said. “If we can get people to…  It’s just like what we teach people to do, give great information and advice and then in the future they will want to take our higher level trainings… etc. etc.”

If you’re interested in growing something great, and UNINTERESTED in unnecessary risk trying to get there…

This letter is your magic key to the kingdom…

Read it carefully. Like most discoveries, the greatest treasures are the ones hiding in plain sight.

IF your goals include: 
  • Controlling a “water hose” of client acquisition, able to turn “up” or “down” at will to grow your business whenever you want to
  •  Unshakeable confidence (and CONTROL) in your ability to generate income, create impact, and BESIDES making a lot of money… being able to know you're doing it the right way, making a big difference in the process
  •  ESCAPE from the ‘fulfillment’ VS ‘marketing’ hamster wheel… equipped with the proper flywheels that can replace YOU as the main “engine” in your business so you can do what you love to do (and what you do best)
  •  ALIGNMENT… you don’t have to “compromise” your integrity or practice cheesy, scammy, incongruent “marketing tricks” to become what we call a “Wealthy Expert.” 
You need processes, playbooks, and a proven TRACK to actually run on…

It’s PLAUSIBLE that the roadblocks you’re facing right now are simpler than you think…

As You’ll See In The Next Few Minutes:
If You Fix The Right Problems, You’re Days Away From Hitting Those Goals
We did it in our first 90 days.

Many of our “Insiders” experience the same accelerated results.

Some faster than what we saw in our own business and honestly some longer.

Working with thousand of “experts” (you help someone get a big result) we commonly see they’re focused on fixing the WRONG problems.

This leads to the...

Things You've (Probably) Tried That
Haven't Worked
The most dangerous problems are the problems you don’t know how to fix. 

When you’ve tried everything you know to try, and still… you are stuck.

You’ve bought expensive courses.

You’ve launched a sweet website.

You’ve geared up your social media.

Started that new podcast.

Got coached by a “guru”.

Tried a webinar.

Tried “getting” leads.

Failed at paid ads.

Gone to networking events.

You even bought the funnel hacking t-shirt.

And when none of that worked… what else is there to do?
From Struggling And Living In My Minivan to... (LOL)

Before we go any further I need to quickly introduce myself.

My name is Chris Evans. 

I’m a husband and a father of four beautiful kids and I OWN a minivan. Lol


Okay okay… I never actually lived in a minivan but that made me laugh when I was writing it so I had to keep it… you know… since I’m a “marketer” and we “have” be dramatic.


It wasn’t but just a few short years ago I was burnt out, disillusioned and just about ready to throw in the towel.

I was disappointed more so in myself more than anything.

I kept hitting that damn glass ceiling everybody talks about.

After years of struggle, plenty of all-nighters and way too much stress I FINALLY got my revenue to $14,000 a month.

There was a problem though…

I was working way too hard, to the tune of like 70 hours a week.

So when I heard about these entrepreneurs throwing out big numbers like one hundred thousand a month in revenue I was like...


It took me another year and a half to figure out......

It’s Not As Hard To
 Make The Money You Want - IF... have a few elements right.  

I’ll tell you about that in a sec and it’s going to relieve some pressure for you AND give you clarity on next steps.

Thank God we cracked the code when we did.

Because it got super old feeling like I was routinely failing my wife, and kids…  You might say… “Chris, you were doing $14,000 a month!!”

Sure, $14,000 is above the poverty line.

But here was the problem…
  • I never saw my family
  •  I was working way too damn hard to get that money
  •  I had terrible clients that didn’t appreciate me
  •  I didn’t feel like I had control of my revenue (I was beholden to other people)
  •  I didn’t have consistent opportunity to sign new clients
  •  I couldn’t take on new clients even if I wanted to
  •  I was doing too many things for too many people
  •  I couldn't take a vacation or time off when I wanted (basically still had a job)
  •  I didn’t have much diversity of income
No Control = No Happiness
These are some of the worst feelings in the world... 

If you’re a true-blue entrepreneur, not having control over your money, time and emotions can (and WILL) put you in a downward spiral that’s very hard to get out of.

Then you find yourself stuck!

“Cool Chris… I am getting depressed now reading this… what’s the answer?”

I’ll tell you in a sec. First I want you to see we put our money where our mouths are.

Within 30 Days Of Figuring Out The “Trifecta” 
Our Business Grew by 639%
When Taylor (my business partner I mentioned above) and I decided we should start working together, we refused to stay where we were.

There had to be a better way than how we were doing it.

He was experiencing similar problems to me except he had major income swings.
One month he would do $30,000 in revenue. The next would be $2,500.


We Were Just Two Former Ministers Trying
Not To End Up In A Homeless Shelter
I used to be a missionary working with troubled youth in Europe with my wife Missy.

Taylor was a music pastor at a church.

We didn’t have jack squat when we started. 

Honestly, I almost lost my house.

After We Finally Got Control Over Our Business
We Experienced Something Amazing
Now 3 years into this we have THOUSANDS of case studies of regular folks just like me and you dramatically accelerating their revenue. 

Our own businesses generate $700-900k per month.

I mean.. 

C’mon -- if a 17 year old kid from NY can leverage our “playbook” to do it then…

What’s stopping you from hitting your revenue goals? 

Be it… $20,000 or $30,000 or $75,000 or a $100,000 every month.

Or maybe your desire is to simply make enough money to travel the world with your family and not worry about the bills.

Or have a massive impact on your client’s lives that you can do without fighting burnout.

So let’s address the problems that we faced, that our clients face and that you are most likely facing right now...
Big Lever #1 -- Your “High-Leverage Offer”:
How to get control over your economics by charging $8K, $12K, even $36K per client
You don’t have an effective package that the market wants AND that you can charge $5k - $10k for. 

Like us - our clients are usually trying to sell everything to everybody.

That’s doesn’t work. We tried it. 

It makes you expendable and when you’re selling a bunch to a lot of people you can’t justify high prices yourself. So how do you expect your prospects to pay you big money?

Instead, you must have one red-hot offer that one market is salivating for.

At that point you can charge the big bucks!

It took us over 50 sales calls to dial in our first offer.

Now, this is something we help our clients accelerate through with the ongoing coaching and mentorship.
Big Lever #2 -- ATTENTION:
How to flood your calendar with qualified prospects who already know you, like you, & trust you 
If you have that red-hot offer you most likely don’t know how to effectively market yourself and your offer. 

We see this even with the “pros”. They get lost in their own heads or they’re overwhelmed by all the noise and gimmicks out there. 

You’ve got to have a marketing plan that is aligned with your perfect prospect. When you’ve got this part tuned up you’ll get all the leads you’ll ever need.

It’s the craziest feeling to have people coming to you asking for your help vs practically begging people to do business with you. 

For me this is what I love and one of my favorite things to teach. And I love seeing even the most obscure coaching and consulting niches hit crazy client numbers when they dial this in.

Case-in-point, one of our awesome clients, Molly. She coaches artisan soap makers how to grow their businesses. Lol. Does it get more obscure than that?

She’s using our secret sauce to “plug-and-play”.

Big Lever #3 -- Control-Based Selling:
How to close 60-70% of the prospects you
talk to, no matter how “expensive” your offer
If you have a badass offer and you have away to market yourself then you have to be able to…

...collect credit cards.

You need to master the process of asking for and making the sale.

This terrifies most of our clients -- at first. Until...

They dial in the process.

After our clients dial this in it starts to become natural.

Part of that is a well constructed offer (the market wants of course).

Prospects coming to you instead of you chasing them (that changes the game).

And then the next thing...
BONUS Lever #4 -- “The Big Secret”:
How to shave years off your growth curve and get where you’re going sooner
You’re not positioned as THE expert your prospect should buy from.

There is so much competition in the marketplace today that if you are not positioning yourself correctly then chances of you staying stuck are…

...very high.

Positioning is even more important than ever before because of the competition out there in the wild.
The Easiest Way We Found That Helped Us 
Jump To $50,000 - $100,000/Month in Revenue is...
Modeling what is already working for the people accomplishing the goals you have.

This is the best shot you have to hitting your income potential, controlling your client flow and ultimately having the freedom you want in your business.

Figure out what the people who are ahead of you are doing and replicate that in your own business!

One of the reasons we've been able to grow so fast is because we study other people who are ahead of us.

Who wants to waste time figuring out a solution to a problem that someone has already figured out?

That’s what stupid people do.
Are You Wasting Time And Money
Doing It The Wrong Way?
Get off the merry-go-round!

Don't be the silly stubborn person that says "oh, I'll just figure it out on my own." 

The greatest entrepreneurs in the world leverage other people's knowledge.

Unless you love wasting time and money "figuring it out on your own"?
Struggling With Any Of The Following...
  • Can’t get out of your own head
  •  Now sure how to craft a red-hot offer
  •  Don’t know how to consistently get the attention of your market
  •  Not sure how to position yourself as the goto guy or gal
  •  Consistently closing less than 50% of your sales conversations
  •  Collecting less that $100,000 per month in revenue
  •  Feel alone in your entrepreneurial journey
  • You don’t know who to trust or what information is reliable 
  •  What is truly working vs what’s hyperbole
  •  Where to put your time and attention
  •  The things that are MOST important in hitting your goals
We can help you, Today!
You Get To Benefit From Taylor's
Sinful Indiscretions...
In March 2017 our consulting business was just a tad over a year old and pulling in six figures per month in revenue (see screenshot below).

Matter of fact it only took us 4 months to hit a six figure run rate (every month).

We were consistently signing 15-20ish clients every single month at $10k a pop.

Times were good. Everything was going well. We were growing. Having fun… and most importantly our clients were getting incredible results. 

The sky was the limit.

Until… sh*t hit the fan…

FB shut down our accounts.

That’s when Taylor decided to go behind my back and start giving away our secret sauce.

He pulled the trigger without telling me.
“Dude, here’s why I did it…”
Taylor confidently said: “First off, we need another way to connect with prospects that doesn’t rely a single platform.

Second, when these prospects get access to what’s happening in our business they’ll know we’re legit. 

They’ll see our successes AND failures.

Also... you would have wanted everything to be perfect before we sold it.” 

Is $10,000 Worth Avoiding Suffering The
Thought of Staying Stuck Any Longer?
Our clients think so. 

They get the benefits of our blood, sweat and tears without suffering themselves.

Pretty good deal.

We also leverage OPT (other people’s time) to the tune of probably $200,000 a year.

Even if you make your own mistakes it's extremely dangerous -- it’s the highest contributor to throwing you off course. 

For example the guys below. They took the short route and avoided the mistakes that we made.

They became “Insiders” and accelerated their growth curve.
[Results Vary]
[Results Vary]
Want To Leverage Our Time, Resources and Money Instead of Your Own Without Paying $10,000 Plus?
For a limited time I’ve got something special for you!

Remember some of the stats for one month I gave you above...
  • ​We spent $160,693.23 on advertising
  •  We signed 51 new high-ticket clients in the same time period
  •  Sent 1,568,473 emails to our lists
  •  Hired 7 new employees
  •  Started construction on our new 5300 sq ft corporate HQ in Nashville
  •  Most importantly, our clients generated $766,559 in REPORTED AND VERIFIED new revenue - the *actual* number is likely much higher
    What kind of insights do you think you could take away every single month from two dudes who’ve worked their way from the bottom and now run a thriving consulting and coaching business?

    Today I want to invite you to...
    Try Our “Insider’s Access” Monthly
    Leverage Our Time And Resources To Get Ahead In Your Business Where Every Month...
    • You’ll receive our 8 - 10 page “Inside Access” report to what is working and not working in our multi 7-figure business
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    Also, Just For Trying Insider's Access Monthly
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      A multi-billionaire consultant’s perspective on how to powerfully position yourself as the authority, no matter your industry. DO NOT attend this interview without a notepad and pen. Even one hour of Jay’s time is worth tens of thousands. You get 1.5 hours.

      Free Gift #3
      How to Sell Your High-Ticket Offer with the "Sphere of Influence" Strategy

      $99 Value
      This 33-minute whiteboard breakdown can double your closing percentage over the next 30 days. Which I know is a bold claim... but the four-pillar framework you’re about to discover has a track record of multiple eight figures, easily sustaining a 40%+ close rate over four years.

      A $396 Value - Yours FREE When you subscribe today to Insider's Access Monthly
      The value of these gifts alone is $396

      Not Only That! To sweeten the deal I want to throw on a few extra badass elements that will immediately help you.
      • Extra Free Badass Bonus #1: The Invisible Marketing List: A Guide to Discover Hidden Customer Opportunities 
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      The Value of these FREE Gifts is $520
      With Access To These 6 Free Gifts Above You’ll Be Able to Immediately Address the #4 Primary Problems That Are Keeping You Stuck

      Most Successful Entrepreneurs Wouldn’t Give Up Access To Their Businesses At All...

      Even if they did they’d charge you $397 per month minimum.

      Even when Taylor told me he wanted to do this I said we should do it for no less than $97 per month!

      But I think he was drunk when he came up with this price because he said he wanted anybody to be able to join for only $7 a month!

      So Just to recap… when you become an “Insider” you’re going to get…
      • ​ Every month we’ll send you our 8 - 10 page “Insider’s Access” report to what is working and not working in our multi 7-figure business 
      •  Exclusive access to our Client’s Businesses
      •  Never-before access to “close friends circle” 
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      •  Get our Strategies, tactics and best practices
      Plus I’m giving you immediate access in to the following Free Gifts in your Insider’s Only Members Area:
      • How to Effectively Market Yourself and Your Business to the Masses
      • Interview With Jay Abraham: The Strategy of Preeminence for Coaches and Consultants
      • How to Sell Your High-Ticket Offer with the "Sphere of Influence" Strategy
      Not Only That! To sweeten the deal I want to throw on a few extra badass elements that will immediately help you.
      • Extra Free Badass Bonus #1: The Invisible Marketing List: A Guide to Discover Hidden Customer Opportunities 
      • Extra Free Badass Bonus #2: Special Report: How to go from 11k to 400k at WARP SPEED
      For the Stupid-Low Price of $7
      Our 60 Day No-Risk Guarantee
      We’re convinced that you’ll love “Insider’s Access” and all the Trifecta trainings you’ll receive in the next 15 minutes.

      However, if you don’t absolutely love any of it shoot us a message within the next 60 days and we’ll refund your 7 bucks.
      Why Are You Guys Doing This Again, Chris?
      Our mission is to help people who are stuck like we were…

      1. Realize what is possible for them and their families
      2. Impact as many lives as possible for good
      3. Help you in your journey so that you’d want to have a deeper working relationship with us

      That’s it.

      And we’re willing to take all the risk in this relationship.

      However, if you are not serious about your business please just click off this page.

      We’re not interested in dealing with wannabe’s or people who aren’t willing to “invest” a measly $7 dollars.

      Here are some things you can buy for $7:
      A greasy fast-food cheeseburger
      An overpriced fancy latte
      Whatever the hell this is
      Why You’d Be Crazy Not
      To Get This NOW…

      • We’re not sure how long this is going to be around (likely not that long)
      •  The cost is so low it’s stupid. We probably shouldn’t even be doing this.
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